The End Result is That We Have a House That We are Really Proud of

Just to let you know how very happy we are with the work you did for us, both Rendering our house and carrying out the repairs to the structure of the house. We were very impressed with how alongside following the plans you really applied thought to us and our requirements, for example building an extra wall for the garden planting area for the bbq because you knew that was key to our requirements. It was also great that you worked to keep our costs down with some of the specialist work, such as stitching the gable wall and upgrading our old looking house into a modern home Through your research and working with structural engineers, specialist suppliers and the planning department, you saved us a considerable sum by carrying out the work yourselves and very competently. And on a day to day basis all of your lads were great, we trusted you all completely in our home while we were at work and when we went on holiday for a week. The kids still talk about you all. The end result is that we have a house that we are really proud of, thank you for helping us achieve that.