Pebble Dash Rendering

Before the use of polymer cements in the 1990’s a pebble dashed finish could look tired and dull after several decades. Rendcem Ltd is often called upon to rejuvenate such a property. With many coatings and rendering systems available we can find the right solution at an affordable price. It is possible to render onto pebbledash providing the substrate is in a good condition and the backing render is sound and solid. There are two main types of system available to render onto pebbledash. The first is a common type of render such as a lime render or polymer render which will produce a flat or scraped finish, the second is an acrylic or resin (or enamel) render, which will blend a certain level of the pebbles or spar out but still leave a nice textured finish. Both systems dramatically improve the look of any building and cover over the old tired pebbledash   Our Dashing Grade Aggregates are instantly recognisable by the coloured diamond bags. You can be sure you are purchasing top grade aggregate and gravel for your pebbledashing and dry dashing projects. Pebbledashing and dry dashing aggregates, washed and graded specifically for external building finishes. They give a decorative and long lasting appearance. These are all packed in 25kg bags ready to apply.