Through Colour Rendering

Over the years Weber have developed a single product to satisfy all your requirements – “Monocouche”. Monocouche Renders represent a single product that is weatherproof and through coloured. Carefully selected colours and aggregates make up the range of Monocouche Renders that produce a decorative finish that will mature naturally and blend with its surroundings, giving years of trouble free service requiring minimal maintenance. Finishes: Scraped, scraped with ashlar joints, stone or textured Colours: Available in nearly 300 shades of colour. Application: Spray applied Monocouche Renders offer the most highly efficient and cost effective method of rendering large and modest areas. Smaller areas may be hand applied Advantages: Reductions in labour and time, allowing scaffold to be dismantled and ground works to begin earlier in the programme. Monocouche Renders offer real cost benefits over traditional methods.

Monocouche Render Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of through colour render systems providing high performance exterior coatings to support all methods of construction and renovation throughout the UK, Europe & Middle East.

With 20 years of investment in the development of through coloured render systems and their application Monocouche Render Systems are firmly placed to lead the external finishes market, constantly evolving and adapting as new products and systems are required we are at the cutting edge of material and render system development.

Currently serving the commercial, industrial & residential construction industries within the UK, Europe & Middle East our systems, unrivalled customer service and support is trusted and respected nation and worldwide.

Rendering In West Midlands

Having the total control of all system sales and their subsequent delivery means that we are able to track and oversee their application, where required supporting the end user to pass on the highest quality of finish and service to their respective clients.